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About chiefone

Basic parameters

Year of construction:
Length (LOA):
Net weight:
Palmer & amp; Johnson
Ron Holland
Volvo Penta TAMD60C 250 hp
23.6 m (78f t )
2.9 m (19.5 ft)
5.49 m (18 ft)
< strong> 32 m (105 ft)

31 tons
Speed ​​record: & nbsp;
Walking speed: & nbsp;
16.8 knots
9 knots

Number of berths:
Water tank:
Fuel tank:
Autonomy of navigation:
1500 l & nbsp;
1000 l
30 days


Navigation Electronics: Dual plotter
Dual GPS
Satellite phone
VHF Radio with DSC
Portable VHF Radios
Dual Autopilot < / strong>
Nautical Equipment: Main mainsail 1 (main mainsail) - 133m2
Mainsail 2 (spare mainsail) - 130 m2
Gennaker - 290 m2 (rolled)
Code Zero - 195 m2 (rolled)
jib 1 - 100 m2 (main jib on the first stay, rolled)
jib 1.5 - 60 m2 (spare jib for the first stay, rolled)
jib 2 - 29 m2 (jib on the inner stay, rolled)
jib 2.4 - 22.4 m2 (storm jib for the inner stay)
A ** seal - an emergency seal, put on the raks in case of damage to the furlers
Additionally: Spinnaker * **
Super Flanker * **
Trajsel **

* sails used during the regatta
** sails kept in stock
Life saving equipment: Life raft (14 people, size for 24 people)
A set of vests
A set of safety belts < / strong>
Personal Radiofreams
Additional equipment: 6kW power generator
3 hydraulic winches
2 independent heat sources
Hot water >
Galley equipment


SASSY 1984-2002
owner: Dutch Schmidt. The legend of the Great North American Lakes. A racing yacht with many titles and many times it was the largest yacht taking part in the regatta. He regularly competed in regattas from 1984 to 2002 such as: "Port Huron to Mackinac Race" (Bayview Mackinac Race), "Chicago to Mackinac Race", "Bermuda Race". Bayview Mackinac Race One of the best results the unit has achieved in its history.
1984 First place and establishment of a new route record
1988 2nd place
1989 2nd place
1992 3rd place
1995 1st place
2001 4th place
Chicago is the Mackinac Race
1984 Royono Trophy (first unit on the finish line)
1985 Royono Trophy (first unit on the finish line)
1990 Royono Trophy (first unit on the finish line)
JULIANA 2002-2008

owner: Izydor Ryzak

2002 renovation and installation of a new mast in Sassy Marine LLC
2003 Atlantic crossing from the USA to Poland
2003 Start in “The Tall Ship Race” regatta with a Polish crew
2004 Atlantic crossing to the US
CHEEKY: 2008 – 2011

owners: Jim & amp; Judith Lidgus

2008 West America Crossover to Bremerton via Panama Canal
WILD: 2011 - 2015
2011 US to New Zealand crossing
2012 major overhaul and preparation of the yacht for Antarctic expeditions
2012 cruise: Ushuaia (Argentina) – Antarctica – Punta del Este (Uruguay) – Natal (Brazil
2013 Atlantic Crossing to Spain
2013-2015 yacht stationed in Spain, in Cartagena (then in Alcaidesa) practically abandoned – unmanned
SOFI: 2015 - 2015

Owner: Ilko Hristov Pavlov

Yacht used as a weekend recreational yacht stationed in Gibraltar throughout 2015.

SOFI: 2015 - 2016

Owner: Greg Fisher

Cruise from Gibraltar to Sardinia.

CHIEF ONE: 2017 - now

Owner: CHIEF ONE Sp. z o.o.

March 2017 a cruise from Sardinia to Poland, Capt. Ireneusz Chwolka
April 2017 start of major yacht renovation and prepare it for a lonely trip around the world
December 2017 cruise from Poland to Tenerife, Capt. Wojciech Madej
2018 NON cruise – STOP SOLO AROUND THE WORLD, Capt. Ireneusz Chwolka Due to a breakdown, the cruise ended in Brazil
February- March 2018 Double-handed cruise from Brazil to Argentina and Uruguay, Capt. Ireneusz Chwolka from Wojciech Madej
November- December 2018

Piriapolis -Ushuaia cruise and first conquest of Horn by Chief One and his crew.

January 2019

Expedition to Antarctica and conquest of Horn, led by Captain Ireneusz Chwolka

February, March 2019

Cruise: Ushuaia- Horn- Falklandy- Piriapolis, led by Capt. Ireneusz Chwolka.

November 2019

Uruguay-Falkland Islands-Cape Horn- Ushuaia

December 2019

A cruise to Antarctica, led by Capt. Ireneusz Chwolka.


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