SASSY: 1984 – 2002

owner: Dutch Schmidt

The legend of the Great Lakes of North America. Regatta yacht with multiple titles and many times, the biggest yacht participating in the race. It has regularly competed in regattas from 1984 until 2002, such as: ” Port Huron to Mackinac Island Race” (Bayview Mackinac Race), “Chicago to Mackinac Race” and “Bermuda Race”.

Bayview Mackinac Race

Some of the best results that the yacht achieved in its history:

1984 I place and establishing a new record of the route
1988 II place
1989 II place
1992 III place
1995 I place
2001 IV place

Chicago to Mackinac Race

1984 Royono Trophy (first unit on the finish line)
1985 Royono Trophy (first unit on the finish line)
1990 Royono Trophy (first unit on the finish line)

JULLIANNA: 2002 - 2008

Owner: Izydor Ryzak

2002 Renovation and installation of a new mast in Sassy Marine LLC
2003 Crossing of the Atlantic from USA to Poland
2003 Participation in "The Tall Ship Race" regatta with Polish crew
2004 Crossing of the Atlantic to USA

CHEEKY: 2008 – 2011

Owners: Jim & Judith Lidgus

2008 Crossing to the west part of the America (Bremerton) through the Panama Canal

WILD: 2011 - 2015

2011 Crossing from the USA to New Zealand
2012 Total renovation and preparation of the yacht for the Antarctica expeditions
2012 cruise: Ushuaia (Argentina) - Antarctica – Punta del Este (Uruguay) – Natal (Brazil)
2013 Crossing of the Atlantic to Spain
2013-2015 Yacht was stationed in Cartagena, Spain (and later in Alcaidesa, Spain), practically abandoned – without a crew

SOFI: 2015 - 2015

owner: Ilko Hristov Pavlov

Yacht was used recreationally during weekends and had stationed on the Gibraltar during the whole 2015

SOFI: 2015 - 2016

owner: Greg Fisher

cruise from Gibraltar to Sardinia.

CHIEF ONE: 2017 - now

Owner: CHIEF ONE Sp. z o.o.

marzec 2017 cruise from Sardinia to Poland cpt. Ireneusz Chwołka
April 2017 beginning of the complete renovation of the yacht and preparation for the solo expedition around the world
grudzień 2017 winter cruise from Poland to Tenerife cpt. Wojciech Madej
2018 NON - STOP SOLO AROUND THE WORLD CRUISE cpt. Ireneusz Chwołka.  Due to malfunction, the cruise was terminated in Brazil.
2018 double-handed cruise from Brazil to Argentina and Uruguay. cpt. Ireneusz Chwołka with Wojciech Madej