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Visit the "Unknown Land of the South" first discovered by the Russians in 1820. Take on the weather conditions and your own boundaries. See the beauty of the ice world.


We start our cruises to Antarctica in the city of Ushuaia.

Ushuaia is located in southern Argentina in Tierra del Fuego, on the Beagle Channel, near the border with Chile. When you start cruises to Antarctica with us from this city, you can safely say that you are going to the end of the world. Ushuaia holds the status of the southernmost city, not only in South America but also in the world. This is also emphasized by its name, derived from the Indian language, meaning the bay at the end.

This title is contested by Chile, which on the island of Navarino (south of Ushuaia) is developing the fishing village of Puerto Williams, which currently has about 2,000 inhabitants and does not have full urban infrastructure, and the settlement of Puerto Toro with 100 people.

After passing Horn and crossing the legendary Drake Strait, we will reach the Antarctic waters

The first stop of our trip will be Admiralty Bay, near King George Island. It is here that the Henryk Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station is located, where we can see the active Polish Lighthouse, which is the farthest from our country's borders. It was built on a rock. The lighthouse is located about 220m east of the station's buildings. The construction of the lighthouse began in December 1977 as part of the second Antarctic expedition, and it was put into operation on March 16, 1978. The lighthouse is powered by a generator and is lit 24 hours a day. Light height: 20 m a.s.l., range 8 NM, and the period is 9.0 s (glare 3.0 s, interval 6.0 s).

From the "Arctowski" to the interior of the volcano

Then we will sail to the island of Deception. This island is shaped like a horseshoe and is the tip of a volcanic caldera filled with water. It covers an area of 12 km in diameter. Its highest point is Mount Pond, 542m above sea level. In order to enter the “interior of the island” you must cross the narrow 230m wide Neptune’s Bellows isthmus. The island in Whaler’s Bay has hot springs and volcanic beaches.

On the island, we can meet such animals as: Antarctic penguins, skuas, gulls and sea lions. In addition, in warm coastal waters, you can spot krill and other aquatic crustaceans and sea urchins. The jelly-like roe of fish from the lampreys family is often thrown onto the beach

In addition, there are also two stations on the island that are open in the summer season – Argentinian (Decepcion) and Spanish (Gabriel de Castilla).

Antarctica - Other islands in the area

Then we will go to Trinity Island and visit the Enterprise Island (North Nansnen) which is 2.8 km long and located in Wilhelmina Bay. The island was named after a whaling company. In the Foyn marina there is a wreck of the Guvernøren ship, where we plan to dock.

Then we will go to Couverville Island, lying in the Errera Channel. It was discovered by the Belgian Antarctic Escapade in 1897-1899. Here we can see the largest gentoo penguin colony in the Antarctic Peninsula.

Museum in Antarctica

We will also go to Port Lockroy, a historic polar base, currently serving as a museum, located on the Goudier Island in the Palmer Archipelago. During the Second World War, the station served as an observation point for the activities of the Axis Powers. After the war, the station was handed over to the British Antarctic Survey government organization. This is where we will be able to see gentle penguins.

Lemaire Channel and Melchior Island

During the cruise, we want to cross the Lemaire Channel, on which icebergs drift. It is 11 km long and only 1.6 km wide at its narrowest point. The shores surrounding it in the form of steep cliffs descending into the water create an unforgettable view.

From this wonderful place we will go to the island of Melchior, where the Argentine summer polar station is located (closed from March to December). This is where we make our last stop and say goodbye to this beautiful region before heading back.

However, this is not the end of our adventure. If the weather conditions are favorable, we will sail towards Horn to be able to have a close look at this legendary rock and again cross the meridian 67 ° 14 ‘, which divides the Drake Strait in half and marks the border between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

This is not the end of the Antarctic cruise

Before we reach Ushuaia, we will make the last stop in the Gulf, at the Estancia Haberton farm. It is the oldest Argentinean farm in Tierra del Fuego. It was founded by Thomas Bridges, who was an orphan found on a bridge somewhere in England and later adopted by an Anglican missionary, Rev. GP Despard.

Harberton now belongs to the grandsons of Thomas Bridges sons, Will and Lucas, and is open to tourists from October 15 to March 31, except Christmas and New Years.

Antarctica - a trip to the end of the world

We will be able to see the least discovered and most interesting continent on the globe. We will observe the life of penguins, sea leopards and other animals living in these extreme conditions. Perhaps we will be able to look "eye to eye" with the largest marine mammal, see the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises reflected in the ice. We will experience an unforgettable adventure that will remain in our memory for good.

How is sailing on CHIEF ONE?

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